Sunday, March 26, 2017

Panda Bears

Giant Panda

The sender writes that this was bought at the China Pavilion in Epcot Center, Walt Disney World.

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While the dragon has often served as China's national symbol, internationally the giant panda appears at least as commonly.

The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows

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The Wind in the Willows is a children's novel by Kenneth Grahame, first published in 1908. It focuses on four animals, a mole, a toad, a badger and an otter, with human characteristics in Edwardian England. 

Paddington Bear

Please Look after this Bear
Thank You.

Paddington Bear
Paddington and Company 1994

- - - - - - -

Paddington Bear is a fictional character in children's literature. He first appeared on October 13, 1958 and has been featured in more than twenty books written by Michael Bond and illustrated by Peggy Fortnum and other artists.

Paddington is a friendly bear from deepest, darkest Peru. He has an old hat, battered suitcase (complete with a secret compartment, enabling it to hold more items than it would at first appear), duffel coat and a love of marmalade.

Paddington books have been translated into 30 languages across 70 titles and sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. 

A Bichon Bolognese Reading a Book

Photo by Jane Mustonen 2016

The sender writes:
The dog is Apollo and he is a Bichon Bolognese.

- - - - - - -

The Bolognese is a small breed of dog of the bichon type, originating in Italy. The name refers to the central Italian city of Bologna. They love attention, and make good house pets and have a strong bond with the person/s they spend time with most.

A Bird Saying: My Mating Dance is Mostly Seizures

My mating dance is mostly seizures.

The sender writes: Dance like no one is watching!

A Dragon by Peter E. Pracownik

Illustration by Peter E. Pracownik

This dragon postcard was printed in 2000.

- - - - - - -

Peter Pracownik was born in Bristol, England but has lived much of his life in Glastonbury. He has been making his mark on the art scene since his first exhibition in Los Angeles in 1989. Since then he has sold over six million impressions of his art in art-card formats alone.

Friday, February 17, 2017

A Tarpon Fish and a Mahi, by Artist Nadine Lahti

"Feed Me" 
By Nadine Lahti
(This painting is of a tarpon fish.)
- - -
"Mahi On The Prowl"
By Nadine Lahti

Both of these postcards were bought in 2015 at a fun place called Robbie's in the Florida Keys. There are little shops to buy local artists work and you can walk out on the dock (for a small fee) and feed the tarpon fish!   They are wild tarpon, in the ocean.  There are no pens or nets keeping them there, I like that.  :D

- - - - - - -

The art of Nadine Lahti features tropical, nautical, and colorful island style original oil and acrylic paintings and prints of seascapes, local island landscapes, tropical birds and fish, and landmarks of the Florida Keys. Her style is unique and it is featured in galleries throughout the Florida Keys.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Skunk, A Little Stinker

I'm just a little stinker and I travel everywhere -
Folks can't see or hear me and yet they know I'm There!

The skunk on this funny postcard is reading a book called, 'How to Make Friends and Influence People'.

A Dalmatian Dog from Dalmatia, Croatia


- - - - - - -

The name Dalmatia is from the name of the Dalmatae tribe, which is connected with the Illyrian word delme meaning "sheep".  Its Latin form Dalmatia translates to its current English name.

Dalmatia is referenced in the New Testament at 2 Timothy 4:10 so its name has been translated in many of the world's languages.

2 Timothy 4:10:
for Demas, because he loved this world, has deserted me and has gone to Thessalonica. Crescens has gone to Galatia, and Titus to Dalmatia.

- - -

The Dalmatian dog's roots trace back to Croatia and its historical region of Dalmatia.

A Platypus from Australia

The Platypus
This and the Echidna are the only egg-laying mammals in the world.  It eats mainly worms and tadpoles, obtained under-water, returning to the surface to breathe.

A Christmas Gnome and Cat from Norway

God Jul (Merry Christmas)

Anne Forlag AS

This is a Hallmark postcard that was mailed from Norway in 2016.  It features a gnome petting a cat. 

A Sidewinder Snake in 3-D

Sidewinder Snake
Crotalus cerastes

The Sidewinder is a venomous pit viper rattlesnake species found in the arid regions of the Southwestern USA.  The name refers to the snake's unusual form of locomotion.

A Christmas Postcard featuring a Bird and Dog.

Compliments of the Season!
"Delighted to see you!"

This postcard features a dog and a bird and is postmarked in 2016.