Sunday, August 11, 2019

For Valentines Day - A Dove, An Emblem of Love

An Emblem of Love
To My Valentine

The sender writes:
Thanks for your super letter - will answer when we get settled.
P.S. Do you want a bunch of postcards?  They are from when I won the birthday draw, motels and such. They are boxed and all ready to go, maybe 100 or so.  - let me know soon if yes.

This was postmarked in 2005.

Exaggeration Postcard - The Fishing is Swell, We're as Busy As...

The scenery's grand here
And the fishing is swell,

We're up before dawn
And are busy as h....

This Curteich postcard was postmarked in 1940.  I love that the sender wrote in the word 'heaven' on the poem.  

Friday, January 25, 2019

Muskox from Greenland

Kap Kobenhavn (Cape Copenhagen), North Greenland
Photo: Jens Bocher

This postcard features muskox and was postmarked from Greenland in 2017. 

Desert Tortoise

Desert Tortoise
(Gopherus agassizi)
A rare species found in Southern and Western Arizona into Sonar, Mexico.   The desert tortoise feeds mainly on grasses and herbs and burrows into the ground during periods of extreme heat or cold.

Photo by Paul Berquist.
(I am guessing this card is from the 1980's.) 

Knitting Badgers

These Knitting Badgers look so happy.  The tea cups are full and there is plenty of yarn, so I am sure they are having a good day.


Painettu kierrätyskartongille Suomessa
(Printed on recycled paperboard in Finland)

The artist is Elina Jasu of Finand, and she autographed the back of this unused postcard for me. I bought it in Finland at an International Postcrossing meet-up in 2017.

Anthropomorphic Ducks Getting Married

A Partir de Maintenant, C'est moi qui parle!

The sender wrote the translation:
From now on, it is me who speaks!

He also wrote:
Dear Brenda and Jack,
I send you my best wishes of happiness for your union with this humorous postcard.  My wife and I just celebrated our 57th year of marriage!
Best regards,

This funny postcard was made by 'les animaux de Barberousse' (Barbarossa's animals).

It was postmarked in 2018 from France.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A New Zealand Parrot

New Zealand's famous mountain parrot.

These audacious birds often live around the snowline, apparently knowing no cold or fear.  Easily approached and fed, they eat all kinds of things - especially bright, shiny, chewy, or colorful objects..... that may be attached to your car.  Although amusing, they are potentially destructive and dangerous - anything could get pecked, including eyes (colourful and shiny).

This postcard was postmarked in 2017. 

Unicorn Pop-Tarts

Pop Tarts
Unicorn Power
Limited Edition
16 Toaster Pastries

The senders write:
May the Unicorn power be with you ! ! ! !

This handmade postcard was mailed to me in 2018 from my nieces and nephews.  Here is what the back looks like...

Sunday, November 11, 2018

A Bear Pooping in the Woods in Alaska

Only in Alaska!
Do Bears 'poop' in the woods?

Photo: Santora / Aglioto

The sender writes:
Just is case you were wondering what bears do in the woods.....


A Cow with an Unfriendly Cat

Photo: Iwago Mitsuaki

The sender writes:

I am a big cat lover and have a 17 year old male tabby cat named Tora.  I want him to live forever!


A New Zealand Sea Lion

Hooker's Sea Lion
Photo: Benjamin Albert Smith

This postcard is from New Zealand.


- - - - - - -

The New Zealand sea lion, also known as Hooker's sea lion, is a species of sea lion that primarily breeds on New Zealand's subantarctic Auckland and Campbell islands. It numbers around 10,000 and is perhaps the world's rarest sea lion species.

Five Fun Frogs Frolicking in a Bathtub

These two postcards were designed by E. Schlunegger.
They features five frogs playing in a bathtub.


A Ladybug from Finland

Foto: Andreas Doerig

The sender writes:
This postcard is so cute!  I love the colorful ladybug on the black and white background.