Friday, July 12, 2013

Nudibranch from the Red Sea in Egypt

Red Sea - Egypt

the sender writes that this is a Nudibranch.

postmarked in 2013 from Egypt

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A nudibranch is a member of Nudibranchia, a group of soft-bodied, marine gastropod mollusks which shed their shell after their larval stage. They are noted for their often extraordinary colors and striking forms.

The word "nudibranch" comes from the Latin nudus, naked, and the Greek βραγχια, brankhia, gills.

Nudibranchs are often casually called sea slugs, but many sea slugs belong to several taxonomic groups which are not closely related to nudibranchs.

- - -

The Red Sea is a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying between Africa and Asia.

The Red Sea is one of the most saline bodies of water in the world. This is due to several factors:
- High rate of evaporation and very little precipitation.
- Lack of significant rivers or streams draining into the sea.
- Limited connection with the Indian Ocean, which has lower water salinity.

More than 1200 species of fish have been recorded in the Red Sea, and around 10% of these are found nowhere else. The rich diversity is in part due to the 2,000 km (1,240 mi) of coral reef extending along its coastline.

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