Thursday, October 24, 2013

Alligator from Sawgrass Recreation Park in the Florida Everglades

Sawgrass Recreation Park
This postcard features a baby alligator.

My girlfriend and I went for the day.  We had a lot of fun!  The airboat ride was fast, we saw close up alligators and turtles.  There was a lot of rain recently, so the birds were not there.  We toured the 'zoo' area after and held an alligator, that was fun too.

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Visit Ft. Lauderdale’s greatest airboat attraction, Sawgrass Recreation Park. Embark on a thrilling airboat tour through the Florida Everglades. Our exhibits feature timed shows where you can hold an alligator and visit magnificent mammals such as the Florida Panther or the Black Leopard. Picnic areas, birthday parties, camping, rv parking. Exclusive private and nighttime airboat tours are now available year round! Open 7 days a week! Just 25 minutes from the heart of Ft. Lauderdale!

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