Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak Bird

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
First Day of Issue: May 28, 1988
First Issue Location: Arlington, Virginia

A loud 'peek' heard through the orchard, and a long whistle-like song are the first signs that the rose-breasted grosbeak is there.  Then, as the black and white bird comes close enough, a stunning flash of deep rose across its chest confirms the sighting.  As it takes to the air, this lovely grosbeak displays rose wing linings and a white wing patch.  A member of the finch family, this bird makes its nest in the elderberry bushes or on a horizontal branch of aspen or oak.  There, the female will lay pale blue eggs spotted with brown.  Among America's best-loved birds, the rose-breasted grosbeak is found in northern woodlands, in the suburbs, and in among the orchard trees.  In fall, the grosbeaks gather in flocks to migrate south for the winter.  En route, they hid in treetops and forgo elaborate songs for single short notes.  The male, by this time, has lost his brilliant coloring.  But, come spring, the rose-breasted grosbeak will return again to share his songs.

No. 88-28
The Maximum Card Collection
A division of Unicover Corporation
Original painting by Don Balke

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