Saturday, September 27, 2014

Five Deer Postcards

The Whitetail Buck is "in velvet" in August and then by rubbing its horns against branches and trunks of trees, it removes the velvet to reveal the shiny horns. 
Photo by Bill Kinney 
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Native Deer near El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Visitors to Grand Canyon National Park oft-times see native deer browsing about the grounds of El Tovar.  Wild deer of this species abound on both North and South rims.
Hotels-Shops Restaurants - Fred Harvey
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Hello From Drummond, Wisconsin
Curious White Tail Bucks

This card has a texture to it that is different to other cards.  It's like stippling in quilting.
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White-Tailed  Deer
Found throughout Wisconsin, the majestic white-tail stands about 3 feet tall at the shoulder, can sprint up to 40 mph and leap over barriers as wide as 30 feet and as high as 8 feet.  They are named for their banner-like tails which are raised when they become alarmed.
Photo by Donna DeGrave
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Deer In Snow
C.T. (Curt Teich) Wild Life Scenes - 10 subjects

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