Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Four Postcards of Loons and their Baby Chicks

Common Loon with Chick
photo: Randy Ury
- - -
Nesting Loon
The nest is always constructed near water.  The female usually lays two eggs.  Both the male and female share in incubating the eggs for about 28 days.  The downy, black chicks leave the nest soon after they hatch and depend on the adults for food for about eight weeks.  A young Loon often rides "piggy-back" on a parent, finding safety and security atop the back of the more experienced bird.
Photo: Herbert Lange
- - -
Common Loons
On quiet lakes throughout the summer, visitors are treated to the distinctive, some say "haunting", calls of the Loon.
Photo by Carl R. Sams II
- - -
Loon Chick
This Loon Chick awaits the hatching of its sibling.  Note the dark eyes which become bright red when it is fully matured.

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