Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jungle Babies from The Rainforest Cafe

Jungle Babies
Rainforest Cafe
Pop Art

This postcard features an alligator, gorilla, sloth, tiger, black panther (cougar), monkey, orangutan and a bird.  It is postmarked in 2015.

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Rainforest Cafe is a themed restaurant chain. The first location opened in the Mall of America in Minnesota, USA on February 3, 1994.

Each Rainforest Cafe restaurant is designed to depict some features of a tropical rainforest, including plant growth, mist, waterfalls and figures of rainforest animals. Some of the animals are animatronic and start making animals noises and move.  My favorite part of these restaurants is when there is a 'rain storm' inside.  All the lights dim and there is 'lightning' and then it starts to rain inside the restaurant.  Not on the customers, only in parts by the walls. But it is very fun.  Our family loved to eat here when we visited Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 

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